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Release copyright claims on YouTube easily

Most of us spend hours and days making our YouTube videos appealing, choosing the right royalty free music and finally uploading it on our channels. 

However, more often it happens that the track you found on an online platform with the description “Fully free of any claims” puts you in the position when you do actually receive a claim

So what do you need to do if your video is already uploaded, the number of views is growing every hour but you can’t monetize the video due to the claim?

Release Copyright Claims on YouTube Easily

Before we dive deeper into the releasing process, let’s learn what a copyright claim is and are there any types of it.

Copyright claims are also known as Content ID claims. Content ID is a fully automated digitized tool on the YouTube platform that scans videos and notifies the rights holders, if their videos clips, images or audio have been used without their permission.

So what happens to you when you get a copyright claim?

  1. If you received a copyright claim, your video can stay on YouTube but you won’t be able to monetize it.
  2. Another type of copyright claim is when the author of the track can claim the revenue on your video if you have used their content illegally.
  3. Sometimes copyright owners can place their advertisement on your video to generate revenue.
  4. Alternatively, the copyright holder can restrict your video in some regions or even countries.
  5. Only in a few situations the copyright owner might not do anything and let you use their music freely. However, don’t rely on it as it happens rarely.

All in all, getting a copyright claim is not something you’re waiting for whenever you create content for your YouTube channel. It does happen here and there but don’t worry, if handled correctly, it won’t affect your channel.

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What is a copyright strike?

You probably also heard about a copyright strike. Let’s see what it is and why you should avoid getting one as much as possible.

Copyright strikes are not automated claims. This is when a copyright holder has requested the video, that’s violating the copyright rules, be removed from YouTube completely. In addition to this, the copyright strike may impact your entire channel. As well as, you might not be able to monetize your YouTube videos for 90 days

To add insult to injury, after 3 copyright strikes your channel will be terminated and you won’t be able to create another one with the same account. We believe that after this article you won’t have any problems with copyright claims, let alone with copyright strikes.

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So how to get rid of the copyright claim if you have uploaded your video and definitely don’t want to delete it?

At Tunetank we always suggest going through the next options and you can choose for yourself what’s the best one for you:

  1. You can trim out or mute the segment that was claimed in your video. Although it’s the easiest way, it may be tricky. Why? Because you simply won’t have any music in this fragment at all. 
  2. The next option is you can replace the song. We prefer this option more as it doesn’t affect your video content. Also, you can always find some similar royalty-free soundtracks from other well-known platforms.
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How to make sure I’m safe when I use royalty-free music?

Well, unfortunately, it’s hard to predict. We would suggest subscribing to well-known royalty free music platforms. Simply because they have an established support team that can always help you to release your video. Also, make sure to download soundtracks from recognized websites. Although sometimes it can be pricey, it’ll help you to keep your uploaded video free from any claims and strikes. 

But don’t worry, there are still platforms that allow users to use their royalty free music completely for free!

At Tunetank we have a full library of completely free music that you can use in your projects. We also have a support team that can always help you to release your video at any time a day. In the next video you can learn how you can release your video on our website in one click:

We hope these suggestions and tips will help you to release all your content creator skills and ideas. Make more without spending a dime!

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