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What is 8D audio, and how does it work?

8D audio is a new popular trend on YouTube. It is an audio technique which helps you to perceive music or sound in general as if you are in the middle of an empty room. 8D piece usually tricks your brain into thinking you are listening with your mind and not with your ears. It gained so much popularity recently, but is it an entirely new concept? 

You definitely heard about 3D music. Maybe even 4D. But what is this new 8D audio trend all about? Many of us have heard about it and perhaps even tried it out before – out of curiosity or because our friend sent us a YouTube link saying this “thing” is a brand new music experience never seen before (or, in this case, heard). But what is it? And how does it work?

In this article, we will try to highlight the concept of it briefly.

8D audio: what is it?

This audio technology allows you to perceive the sound as if you are in the middle of an open environment, and sound surrounds you from all angles. It makes you feel differently about the same song that you listened to millions of times before. Does it sound like a new experience? Totally! But is it so unique? Questionable.

With this technique, your favorite music sounds different. Some listeners say it reminds them of being at the concert. Imagine Billie Eilish jumping off the stage and singing her hits right into your ears in the comfort of your room? Well, now it’s almost possible with this trendy sound effect. You just need your earbuds, and you’re good to go.

Check it out!

How does 8D audio work?

Let’s get back to a good question that we had in the beginning.

Is 8D audio a completely new thing? The answer is: not really. 

Although it gives a new sound to an old beat, it is an original technique instead of modern technology. To put it simply, what you experience with the 8D effect is the result of equalization techniques, panning, and effects combined. Equalization is the process of changing the balance of different frequencies in the sound. Panning is the ability to distribute the sound on other audio channels. If you think about it, your earphones have two channels, and you can spread the sound to the left and to the right to create that sound illusion. When you combine all the components mentioned above, it gives the listener the feeling that music plays within their head. In short, that’s how it works.

Does 8D audio exist?

Yes, but no. We call it 8D audio, but it’s not precisely accurate. If we think about our world having three dimensions, having eight dimensions at once doesn’t make a lot of sense. But at least it sounds pretty cool and trendy!

Is listening to 8D music terrible for you?

As we mentioned before, the 8D effect is not that new, that is to say this concept has been used before in numerous experiments to trick your brain into thinking that sound is coming from different directions. It might confuse your mind slightly but should not harm you if you listen to it at a considerable volume. Most importantly, there is no scientific proof that so-called 8D audio can be dangerous.  

 People are divided into two groups in short: those who think 8D audio is incredible and those who are annoyed with this trend! So, if you’ve never heard of this before and now you feel intrigued, don’t hesitate and try it out yourself. We can always have our everyday music experience, but who knows, maybe soon enough, 8D music will become the next best thing.

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