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What is Royalty-Free Music, and why do you need it?

Royalty-free music refers to a tune, composition, or sound effect with a single cost or licensing fee. Once the creator pays for it, he can synchronize a piece of royalty-free music with a movie, advertising, commercials, or projects.

When it says “Free of Royalty,” it does not mean free of cost. Just like “tax-free” products which you are buying in a supermarket sometimes. It is not free; it just means that it is free of taxes. Usually, you are required only to pay a one-time fee to get the legal right to use a composer’s music. And once you acquire the music, you are not required to pay any royalty fees for using it.

Everyone knows the rule: you cannot use copyrighted material music without paying royalties or asking permission from its owner. Royalties can be different: in the form of payment or giving a music owner a percentage of the profit. As you can see: no, royalty-free is not the same as copyright free.

To make a long story short: copyright-free music without copyright. It means that the creator released his music for others to use without restrictions. The actual availability of this music is scarce. And all the copyrights have an expiration date. It is varying from the country, but copyright protection usually lasts throughout the content’s owner life plus seventy years added on top.

Coming back to Royalty-Free Music, the rules are easy to follow here: the purchaser pays for the music license only once and can use the music for as long as the creator wants.

Where can you find high-quality royalty-free music?

Considered as one of the best platforms for high-quality royalty-free music – a Tunetank. We use an easy, intuitive searching system sorted by a specific genre or mood. All of our artists come from every genre you can only imagine: from Indie to Experimental. You may also check out our catalog. We are continually adding new music to it.

To summarize everything up, we have to say royalty-free music is a great way to get high-quality music, which you can use in your video productions. If you are a video creator, Tunetank will become your one-stop destiny for royalty-free tunes!

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